Oregon State School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering

From the day you first set foot in the MIME to the day you receive your diploma, the MIME Undergraduate Advising Team in 238 Rogers Hall is here to help. Every one of these talented and knowledgeable individuals is committed to helping ensure that you stay on track and move through your program successfully.

NOTE: Effective Summer 2019, the College of Engineering now operates undergraduate majors under an academic progression model, replacing the Pre/Professional model that began in 1981. Watch this video to learn more, or schedule an appointment with an advisor. Students enrolled prior to Summer of 2019 may opt-in to the model by meeting with an advisor.

Schedule with Advising

Meet the advising team and schedule your advising appointment. This page is your primary touchpoint with MIME advisors for term-by-term special announcements, office hours, contact info and the appointment scheduling interface. MIME undergraduates must keep an up-to-date academic plan, and our advising team will help you do this.

Academic planning tools

We want you to get the most of your appointment with us!? Prior to your PIN appointments, please use an academic plan or a flowchart to update the current quarter, plus two more quarters, in your Planner in MyDegrees.?

Accelerated Master's Platform

The?Accelerated Master's Platform (AMP) ?is an academic track that benefits motivated undergraduates by creating a path to a Master's degree? as soon as one year after receiving a bachelors of science?from Oregon State. If you've thought about graduate studies in engineering, you should consider the advantages AMP?offers.